Marcelo Pelleriti and Pedro Aznar met in August 2012. During an intense conversation from Mendoza to the Uco Valley it became apparent just how much they had in common. Their passion for wine and music making was apparent from the outset, of course. But they soon realized that these passions were anything but one-sided and that they were both infused with them in equal measures. Pedro confided to Marcelo that he'd been dreaming for years of owning a vineyard and of living the world of wine from the inside. Marcelo told Pedro of the Villa de Enólogos by The Vines of Mendoza, an exclusive terroir where recognized enologists can follow through their own projects, and suggested they become partners in a joint venture.
The journey to the Uco Valley had begun with a generous offer from Marcelo: that Pedro should produce a blend of his own from samples of Marcelo's wines. From this meeting grew "Página 1", the fruit of two commited professionals who view each other as equals, and have become firm friends and partners in this unique project.

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